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Star Trek Mirror Mirror Collectors Edition

Star Trek gave its audience many memorable episodes but Mirror , Mirror was a stand out that would be repeated in many variations, in many different programs. Mirror Mirror is an episode that transended the Star Trek universe; its concept being adopted in not only science fiction. The concept of dulaity is perfectly capruted in the MEGO CORP. Mirror Mirror Collectors Edition Box Set. 

“Mirror, Mirror,” one of Star Trek: The Original Series’ most-memorable, most-influential episodes, first aired on October 6, 1967, or 49 years ago today. The 10th episode of the second season, it was directed by Marc Daniels based on a script by Jerome Bixby. In the hour, a transporter malfunction results in evil versions of our beloved Enterprise characters.

Writer Jerome Bixby based “Mirror, Mirror” on “One Way Street,” a short story he’d published in the December 1953/January 1954 issue of Amazing Stories. and then there’s this telling comment: “Jim,” McCoy noted, “I think I liked him (Spock) with a beard better. It gave him character.

Of course, almost any change would be a distinct improvement.”Episodes of Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, not to mention numerous Trek comic books and novels, were inspired by “Mirror, Mirror.” 

“Mirror, Mirror” was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1968 as Best Dramatic Presentation.Marc Daniels directed a total of 14 TOS episodes, match the number helmed by Joe Pevney, and he wrote the The Animated Series installment “One of Our Planets Is Missing.” He passed away in 1989 at the age of 77.

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