Prue Halliwell: Charmed


Height: 8 inches
Weight: .35 pounds
Costume:Includes 6 pieces total: figure, shirt, pants, belt, shoes
Accessory: Book of Shadows accessory

wave one

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mego development

By the power of three, the ladies of Charmed will put you under their spell. Prue Halliwell comes with the Book of Shadows and will be joined by her sisters in future product release waves. Marty Abrams Presents MEGO CORP. 8 inch figures are here! Very collectible, the packaging has a holographic, limited edition, numbered seal.


Messages from the

These Sisters will put a Spell on You.

Prue Halliwell from MEGO

Prue is portrayed as the oldest, responsible, strong, “kick-ass sister” and “leader of the group.” During her three seasons on Charmed, she is regarded as the strongest and most powerful witch of the Halliwell sisters. Prue’s storylines have mostly revolved around her protecting innocents and defeating the forces of evil in San Francisco with her sisters, as well as leading a normal life as an appraiser for an auction house and later as a professional photographer for a magazine company. She also has romantic relationships with her old high school flame Inspector Andy Trudeau in season one, and fellow auction house employee Jack Sheridan  in season two. In the third season, Prue is forced to marry the warlock Zile in a dark marriage ceremony, but their marriage soon ends after he is vanquished. In the season three finale “All Hell Breaks Loose”, Prue is attacked by Shax, a powerful demonic assassin sent by The Source of All Evil, ending the season on a cliffhanger. After Doherty departed the series, this attack was revealed to be fatal. She was replaced in season four by Rose McGowan, who played the long-lost younger half-sister Paige Matthews.



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