Captain Kirk

Captain of the Starship Enterprise

Sabrina Duncan

Charles Townsend Detective Agency

Marcia Brady

The brady bunch

The Romulan

star trek: Hey we've had our differences

The Wave Three Feature.

Star Trek Mirror Mirror Boxed Collectors Edition


For the franchise’s 30th anniversary, TV Guide ranked “Mirror, Mirror” No. 3 on its list of the 10 best Star Trek episodes from all series. It is a second season episode, #33, production #39, and was broadcast for the first time on October 6, 1967 and is perfectly captured in MEGO’s Boxed Collectors Edition.

Not Getting this for Seems Illogical


Bruce wayne by day : gotham's knight

Jo Polniaczek

Student Eastland School for Young Women

Prue Halliwell

witch by the way , charmed I'm sure

The Joker

did I ever tell you how i got .......

The Wave Three Feature.

Bewitched Collectors Edition Boxed Set

Bewitched began in black and white and ended in color. Bewitched began in 1964 and ended in 1972 but culturally America had done a complete change in those years. Television shows like Bewitched mirrored the changes in their scripts and represented them on the small screen. Samantha’s Cousin Serena showed up in the summer of love (1967) and was a contrast and foil for Sam’s square ways. Also included in this boxed set is Agnes Moorehead who played  Endora Samantha’s Mother and the quintessential nasty Mother-in-law was the perfrect addition to round out an already stellar cast.  

Samantha and Serena

The Flash

pretty quick for 79

The Cowardly Lion


Woody Boyd: Cheers

I'll sub in for the coach

Lex Luthor

gene or jesse?

The Demon: KISS

you drive us wild , we'll drive you crazy

Al Bundy: Married with Children

I'm going to do what in a camper?

Charles "Chachi" Arcola

leather or pinky Tuscadero?

The Wolfman

I don't like the lone ranger
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