Charles "Chachi" Arcola


Height: 8 inches
Weight: .35 pounds
Costume: Cloth, removable jean jacket, shirt, jeans, leg bandanna and shoes .
Accessory: An authentic Al's Milkshake

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Chachi shares a close relationship with his cousin and idol the Fonz, who has been the older brother figure that Chachi so badly needed. He is an excellent mechanic just like his hero Arthur Fonzarelli and is also an amazing drummer who dreams of musical stardom. Above all, Chachi is madly in love with his bandmate Richie’s little sister Joannie and spends most of his time pursuing her.


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A 70's classic re imagined for 2018/19

Chachi from

Charles “Chachi” Arcola is a character on the sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. The character was named after a street where the show’s creator Garry Marshall had lived.

The character of Chachi is the younger cousin of Fonzie, first appearing on Happy Days in season 5, beginning in 1977. His main love interest is Joanie Cunningham, with their relationship becoming a common theme for episodes in later seasons. Chachi shares a close relationship with his older cousin Fonzie. Many times, Fonzie stepped in and was able to be the older brother figure that Chachi needed. Chachi is also very close to his mother and his step-father Al.

Together, Chachi and Joanie became aspiring musicians, and the spinoff series Joanie Loves Chachi was developed when Chachi’s mother Louisa and new stepfather Al Delvecchio (the second owner of Arnold’s) opened a new restaurant where Joanie and Chachi performed most of their music.



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